A man of great talent who anticipated the future


Antonio Bonino

It all began in 1946 when Antonio Bonino decided to found a repair shop and sale of agricultural machines in a small town in the province of Cuneo.
In a short time the small company grows and thanks to the entrepreneurial and technical skills of Antonio, is transformed into a manufacturing company.
The aspiration of the founder is to design and build new-concept machines which are adapted to the needs of rapidly evolving agriculture.
In the early ’70s the first self-propelled Mower machine was designed and several machines were introduced on the livestock sector, characterized by multiple customizations adapted to the specific needs of each individual client company.

A leading family company in the market of Self-Loading Grazer Wagons


Matteo Bonino with his children Dario and Cristina

Antonio Bonino transmits his innovative spirit to his son Matteo, who gives new impetus to the development of the company, and to his nephews Dario and Cristina, who introduce further technological and productive innovations.
Innovation, quality and specialization are today the flagship of the company, which produces over twenty models of Self-Loading Moving machines in tow designed for each type of terrain, livestock and company size.
The activity of the Company is articulated into the production of Self-Loading moving machines, Towed forage harvester, towed mowers, Mixers Distributors and Special Machines for the Harvest of Aromatic Herbs.

The exclusive Bonino machines all over the world


The constant growth of Bonino is based on a solid family tradition, innovative technology and the ability to adapt each machine to specific customer needs: these features have also allowed us to design and produce super customized special machines for the collection of aromatic herbs.
Spearhead in this sector is the new Lavender Harvester Mower.
Today Bonino machines are present in over thirty countries around the world, scattered across Europe, Australia and America.
A widespread and qualified assistance network guarantees an effective after-sales service.


From the machines sent throughout the world in the 70’s to special machines of the next-generation.




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